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Common questions around one-year KAMAL training

Who can engage and how ?

Our comprehensive program is suitable for;

  •  Mindfullybeing Members (Patrons) or willing to become one
  • intending to deepen and consolidate mindfulness into their life and work.
  • wanting to learn and refine skills in mindfulness practice and delivery


It is important for us that there be some alignment between our vision and our teachers in training aspirations and preferably to join our community of Patrons. We invite Patrons who have;

  • completed mindfulness-based 8-week course
  • regular mindfulness practice (6mths -1yr depending on one’s experience)
  • commit to CPD and adherence to ethical standards after training.

Your Trainers and Supervisors?

KAMAL Training (Teaching Days) and Retreats are led by our skilled, experienced and professionally trained teachers.

All trainers and teachers are members of the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA), which ensures high standards for mindfulness teachers in the UK.

They are also part of the Mindfulness Network, UK  and are working in keeping with the nationally agreed Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness teachers and supervisors.

2022-23 Dates for Teaching Days and Retreats

Modules, Themes and Curriculum

Costs and Memberships

Support and Supervision during the training

Who is a Mitra?

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