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Teacher Training and Supervision

Mindfullybeing is excited to offer a community-focused, comprehensive, systematic and adapted mindfulness training called KAMAL (Kind And Mindful Approach to Life). Mindfulness-based approaches are long-established and internationally recognised programs helping people thrive, be resilient and flourish.

Our Kind And Mindful Approach to Life – Teacher Training Program (KAMAL-TTP) is offered by our skilled, experienced and professionally trained teachers. It is anchored in our core values of three C’s which are care, connection and community and involves twelve months of active engagement in a skilled, creative teaching and learning environment.

Our mission is to train and connect the upcoming generation of creative mindfulness practitioners by offering skilful training and mentorship to help create a wide support network and resource.

Our pathway is flexible, adaptive and takes account of your existing experience and challenges. We believe ongoing community support is the key ingredient for our growth as skilled teachers.


We aim to remain engaged with our graduates beyond the completion of their training. We also endeavour to offer more than just a standard training program but a lifelong relationship of support and mutual engagement. Some of our aims are to;

  • develop knowledge and deep understanding
  • enhance skills and professional competencies required to teach
  • enrich one’s life, work and relationships
  • play our role in healing self and our environment

Mindfullybeing’s KAMAL TTP involves active engagement in;

  • building experience (through practice, reflection, and writing)
  • learning theory and practice (mindfulness and wider themes on social, climate, etc.)
  • strong peer support (online and in-person resources)
  • practical teaching skills (incl. supervision)
  • online retreats (day and five days long),
  • celebrations and gatherings (sangha with small ‘s’)
  • Vipassana (Insight) retreat in India (OPTIONAL event)

Who can engage?

Our comprehensive program is just right for you! It is suitable for all, especially those who;

  • intend to teach the public, at workplaces, and in education
  • are healthcare and mental health professionals in clinical settings
  • want to learn foundation skills in delivering mindfulness
  • want to refine, deepen and consolidate existing mindfulness skills and practices


It is important for us that there be some alignment to our vision and our teachers in training aspirations. For online training, applicants must have access to suitable technology, space, privacy and the technical ability to join. We invite applicants who have;

  • completed mindfulness-based 8-week course
  • regular mindfulness practise (6mths -1yr depending on one’s experience)
  • knowledge of the population/context where you want to teach
  • commit to CPD and adherence to ethical standards after training.


Dates and Availability:

Please note that for learning to be effective, meaningful and rich we limit our admissions to only 10-12 graduates in one class each training year.

Aug-Sep. 2021: KAMAL TTP for Patrons Only

Jan- Feb. 2022: Bookings are open (email us for more info.)

Want to be a Mindfulness Teacher? Get in touch

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