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Online sleep well drop in

Are you familiar with trying hard to fall asleep but ending up more awake?

Do you feel tired and exhausted even after hours of sleep?

Let us help you with creating the right conditions for a night of deep and healthy sleep.

In the UK, there are currently one in four people suffering from a mental health disorder, and we suspect more than two in four may be suffering from some form of sleep disorder.

In this uncertain time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are reporting in the last few weeks, that their sleep has suffered, reporting more vivid dreams and nightmares. Being restricted to the confines of your own home is the kind of thing that can play havoc with your sleeping pattern.

Dreams can reflect unresolved problems, as often during stressful times our daytime emotions follow us into our sleep. It is not uncommon during the quiet wind-down period before bed for your mind to get caught up processing thoughts and unresolved feelings. Often irrational thoughts pop into your head as soon as it hits the pillow.

Mindfulness meditation trains you to consciously shift the gear from 'doing mode' to 'being mode' from the busy thinking-mind to the peaceful resting-mind.

Sleep well with mindfulness drop-ins are a unique, guided meditation experience that offers you to come to a natural sleep all on its own. It allows you to let go of the busyness — everything that's happened or may happen — so that you can rest the mind and relax your body, parking all your agendas, and putting expectations aside.

How your drop in will go

Each session, your instructor will guide you online through a sleep-based meditation starting at 9pm each Sunday and Wednesday night, as you rest in the comforts of your bed at your home helping and encouraging you to relax your body and mind easing you into a restful night's sleep.

With the continuously growing challenges around you, these sessions offer you essential tools and techniques to create healthy habits around sleeping and peaceful living and working environment.

The drop-in nature of these sessions means that you can attend any night of the week to give you a regular rhythm of sleep that will enable you to have a productive engaged day time.

Every Wednesday and Sunday at 9pm

  • Trainer: Dr Avinash Bansode
  • Date: Every Sunday, starting from the 3rd June 2020 
  • Time: 9pm to 10.30pm (GMT)
  • Cost: Be a Patron to attend these sessions.

What people are saying about our course...

I recommend mindfulness to help with sleep not only as a sleep expert but as a mindfulness practitioner. During a stressful time of my life I suffered with insomnia, reluctant to try medication I attended an 8 week mindfulness training course with Mindfullybeing and I would recommend this practice for many reasons. 1. Its safe and it's a natural medication free way to help with sleep. 2. There are multiple health benefits, it can improve your sleep quality and help with pain and anxiety. 3. It's easy and can be done anywhere.”

Donna Fairley, Behavioural Sleep Specialist at Sleep Consultancy Ltd

Do you have questions? Are you interested in attending a course?

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