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Derek Goodman

Mindfulness Teacher

I first heard about ‘sati,’ or mindfulness, when I was exploring Buddhist meditation techniques in the late seventies. My understanding, to begin with, however, was fairly superficial and for the following thirty years or so I focussed mainly on Loving Kindness and various visualisations. After a few conversations with Avinash in 2014 I began to appreciate mindfulness as a rich and rewarding path in itself. I attended a couple of his courses and in the following spring formally trained with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University, to teach in accordance with the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme.

I enjoy exploring Jon Kabat-Zinn’s works and have also found that tracing back his ideas to their original sources; in Buddhism, psychology and poetry; can help bring more clarity and fresh inspiration. I think of mindfulness essentially as embodied appreciative awareness and continue to learn from the practice itself, from my colleagues at Mindfullybeing and from everyone I teach.

Portrait of Derek Goodman

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“ Mindfulness has become really important to me and definitely something I want to continue with. The course has helped me face the reality of many things and helped me diffuse stressful situations. It has offered me a whole new way to live my life.”