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Young KAMAL is an innovative, evidence-based mindfulness programme for young minds, enabling and empowering them to meet changes and challenges.

At this time, we know attentional deficit disorders and mental health issues in adolescence are rising rapidly. In Young KAMAL our aim is to support young people at the pre-adolescent stage, early on, as a preventative measure….to help build healthier, resilient minds in a healthier environment.

Young people are now facing new challenges in a rapidly changing world. There is an increasing need for resilience, positive self-esteem, the ability to cope with stress, concentration, a sense of wellbeing, emotional regulation, compassion…..all areas which systematic reliable research (RCTs) has proven to improve with an eight-week mindfulness programme.

The young KAMAL programme has evolved and been adapted from this eight-week programme, tailored to the needs of young people. Our unique approach is classroom and activity-based, interactive and inclusive.

Most of all it is playful and fun!

Examples of topics covered & lesson outcomes!

“Our journey begins…Where am I right now?”

Introducing the children to the idea of noticing, increasing their awareness of each other, their environment, themselves and lastly, their breath (adjusting for breathing difficulties if need be).

“Puppy training…with kindness”

Realising that our minds wander…it’s normal…it takes us away from what we want to focus on in the present. We can train our minds to come back..again and again….

“Getting to know our fantastic brain”

Understanding two important functions of the brain…upstairs and downstairs brain…and how they inform our behaviour. Then we have a choice in how to behave.

Who can engage?

Young People (8 to 12years) with one parent/grandparent/ guardian for assistance

How will the sessions go?

Each lesson is taught by Renee via Zoom and is programmed to last 40 minutes. The lessons are interactive, activity-based and fun. Over the period of 8 lessons, each student will learn basic mindfulness concepts, how these can help us in everyday life and learning. Each will collect a “toolkit” of strategies to use to support learning, relationships, increase confidence, resilience etc. Safeguarding issues will be covered and discussed prior to the course and in confidence.

After each lesson, each student will have the option of completing a “Where are we now?” follow-on activity which will reinforce the lesson intention and form the basis of their personal booklet enhancing their “Mindfulness Journey”. At the end of the course, each student will have full access to two recordings to support him/her with the practice learned in the course.

Dates and Availability:

YOUNG KAMAL PROGRAM starts on Saturday, 31st July 2021 @10.30am (For Patrons only)

Email admin@mindfullybeing.co.uk for a free zoom link

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