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COVID-19 Support

Since March 2020 lockdown, we continue to offer free online Monday meditations. Mindful Mondays are now popular, with 30-40 practitioners meditating together weekly worldwide.

As mental health crisis deepens, we want to play our role in supporting people with effective evidence-based mindfulness program. As you may know, insight, kindness, and courage often shine through these catastrophes. So, this Gathering Together is precious for healing and growing, and we want to continue to offer this space.  

Most importantly, we want to collaborate with you. We want you to be our valuable Patron.  You don't have to be famous or super-rich, and if you are reading this then, perhaps you are Mukesh Ambani, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. And we'll be more than happy for your generosity.

Well! Big or small subscription, it doesn't matter, if you value our contribution in creating a kinder and safer world, consider investing in our skills and expertise. We promise that you'll not only receive more value in return as a Patron, but you will be supporting those who are financially, mentally and physically challenged due to current circumstances.

As Patrons; you will be transforming, bringing a skilful force of love and light, helping us all to sustain. To begin your healing and wellbeing journey join us.

Become a Patron!

Do you want to be our Patron?

“A mind set in its ways is wasted.”