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Online mindfulness drop in sessions

Join us every week, where we'll help you deal with the challenges and stresses of modern busy life at home or at work. These drop-ins are great in helping you to feel more grounded, keeping you sane and giving you a greater sense of control over your emotions.

The emphasis of these sessions is on consolidating and supporting your practice. With help and support on how to maintain and grow it.

The best way to join and participate in our regular weekly drop-ins is through our membership program. Click here to become our Patron.

How your drop in will go

Each session, your trainer will lead you through a practice. Afterwards, there will be discussion, with help, and advice on maintaining your own practice.

These drop ins are for you!

Like our courses whether you’re a novice with little knowledge of mindfulness. Or you're more experienced and wish to maintain, or extend your existing practice. You'll be able to get a lot from these sessions. You can attend any drop-in that suits you best at the time.

Sunday morning drop ins

  • Trainers: Derek Goodman
  • Date: Every Sunday, 10 am to 11 am (GMT)

Tuesday evening drop ins

  • Trainers: Ann Richards
  • Date: Every Tuesday, 7 pm to 8.15pm (GMT)

Friday lunchtime drop ins

  • Trainers: Ann Richards
  • Date: Every Friday, 1pm to 2pm (GMT)

What people are saying about our course...

This has given me a new perspective on everyday life. Something I have not had for a very long time! The programme has set a foundation for me to continue practising, that will enable me to take better care of myself. Avinash explains things EXCEPTIONALLY well; this makes the whole programme more interesting and easier to understand.”

Course participant

Do you have questions? Are you interested in attending a course?

“Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”