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Mindfulness day retreat

What is a day retreat?

A day retreat is a silent day of mindfulness practice, with guided teaching throughout.

In the ordinary busyness of our lives, we rarely have opportunities to step back and reflect. Our day retreats offer you the time and space to be with yourself in a guided and supported environment. 

The retreat will include practices, like the body scan and mindful movement. It will offer the possibility of observing the ebb and flow of your experience. And, a chance for you to investigate with curiosity and kindness whatever may be present in mind and body.

A full day of practice can be a valuable source of support. Day retreats can revitalise an existing mindfulness practice. They can also, help to reestablish a mindfulness practice after taking a break.

Is a day retreat for you?

The retreat is open to anyone with previous experience of mindfulness or meditation.

What people are saying about our course...

The course has given me a new perspective on everyday life. Something I have not had for a very long time! The programme has set a foundation for me to continue practising, that will enable me to take better care of myself. Avinash explains things EXCEPTIONALLY well; this makes the whole programme more interesting and easier to understand.”

Course participant

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