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Tending a mindfulness practice: 6 week online course

This short course, focuses on helping you create and maintain a mindfulness practice. Guiding you through the basic principles of mindfulness. The course focuses on meditation practices and covers a variety of themes including:

  • Getting more in touch with the body and the senses.
  • The benefits of suspending judgments.
  • Learning how to manage thoughts, moods, and emotions.

How your course will go

The course consists of 6 weekly online sessions which will last between 90 mins. Each week will build upon the lessons from the previous one. In each session, we will lead you through both mindfulness theory and practice. Support materials, as well as guided meditations for home practice, will also be provided.

You will gain skills to build your own mindfulness practice which you can use to help ground you. Once established a practice can allow you to lead a healthier, richer and more balanced life.

Because of the intensive, collaborative nature of our courses, our cohorts are small.

This course is for you!

This course is great for people new to mindfulness who want to start a mindfulness practice. Are you more experienced? This courses emphasis on meditation makes it an ideal refresher for experienced practitioners. It's great for people who may not feel ready to commit themselves to one of our longer MBSR/MBCT based courses too.

What people are saying about our course...

The course has been an excellent introduction to Mindfulness. You can read books and listen to recordings, etc. But, I found attending a course with others and swapping feedback to be very helpful and beneficial. I especially enjoyed the group meditations.

Course participant

Dr Avinash is a truly wonderful teacher wha has people at the very centre of the work he does. I took part in an 8 week mindfulness course and I can honestly say it changed my life completely - in a a very positive way! I would thoroughly recommend any of his courses.

Course participant

The programme has shown me, for the first time, that there is an approach that can work for me. Both the practical outcome of seeing benefits immediately as well as the reaffirmation that something exists that can help, have been very important.

Course participant

I have read about mindfulness, been on retreats and tried to develop these practices but I have never been taught how to do these techniques before. This course has offered a well structured, well taught programme with plenty of handouts to really enable me to learn the mindfulness techniques.

Course participant

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