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We're a team of professionals providing mindfulness training to both individuals and organisations. We offer conventional MBCT and MBSR based programmes and bespoke and short courses. We have been providing both online and in-person training in Scotland since 2008. We've helped thousands of people to make positive, lasting changes through mindfulness.

We provide training that helps people to develop skills to improve their happiness and work-life balance.

We all lead busy lives where we're often pulled in many directions. One way to manage the stresses that our hectic lives produce is mindfulness.

Building a mindfulness practice is like learning to ride a bike you only learn by doing it. You learn by not doing it, by trying, by failing, by not giving up and doing it again and again. It's not easy. It's not something you can learn from an app, nor is it something you master in 5 minutes at the end of a yoga or karate class!

We provide immersive courses that help you to build a sustainable mindfulness practice.

Why we do what we do

We do what we do because mindfulness has transformed us and we have seen how it has transformed the lives of others.

Mindfulness can help us with many things. It can benefit our minds, reducing negative emotions and changing the way that our brains function in a positive way. Mindfulness can decrease emotional reactivity and increase cognitive focus. It can help people to become more compassionate and altruistic. It can help people to battle against addiction, illness and trauma. It can help with stress, depression and anxiety. It can help, in fact, with so many things!

We teach mindfulness the way we believe that it ought to be done, in a way that is secular, sustainable, playful and from the heart. Why? Because, when it's taught in a sustainable way it can help everyone live and work happier. And if everyone lives and works happier that benefits us all.

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“It's so much better to see things as they truly are, not as we've made them in our minds.”